Monday, January 30, 2006

Episode 27 - The Rally For Trish

SCENE ONE - Thomas Monroe's Hotel Room - FonDuLac Hotel

Towards the end of our last episode, Michelle just ran into her father at the FonDuLac Hotel. As we pick up the scene now, she is wondering why her father is in Cedarville to begin with

MICHELLE (Still stunned, but pleasantly surprised at seeing Thomas) - What are you doing here? What brings you to Cedarville? How'd you even find me?

THOMAS (Surprised himself) - Well actually I wasn't expecting to, but since somebody mentioned you owned the place and I'm here for the convention, I figured the least I could do is say hello to my darling princess.

MICHELLE (With a suspicious look on her face) - Really?

THOMAS (Mystified at Michelle's suspicion) - Of course. What other motive could I possibly have?

MICHELLE - Ohh I dunno. It's just that last time I checked, you were always the opportunistic one. At least you were that way when I was working at Monroe Enterprises.

THOMAS - Sweetie, when you were working for the company, you were always the one with all the bright ideas.

MICHELLE - And YOU were always the one to criticize me over them over them even though the rest of the board thought that they were great ideas and we should explore them. In fact, not only did you criticize me for them, you shot most of them down COLD.

THOMAS - You know I've always been somewhat conservative when it came to spending the family money.

MICHELLE - Yes, but I have to wonder....

THOMAS (Mystified as to what Michelle could be wondering about) - About what?

MICHELLE (Now with a look of cynicism on her face) - Are you in town just for the convention or for some other reason?

Thomas looks at Michelle with a stunned look on his face as if to wonder what she's accusing him of

SCENE TWO - The Law Offices Of Stanley A. Finch

Cassandra has just walked arrived at Stanley's office at his request to discuss her case against Leo's Estate. Upon arrival, she spots Debbie Stevens, a bitter rival from her military days, smitten with him. Towards the end of the scene last time, Debbie leaves the office. As we pick up the action now, she is just outside Stanley's office in the lobby area with her head leaned as far up against the wall as she can possibly get it as Cassandra & Stanley are in his office discussing Cassandra's case.

CASSANDRA - So you really think there's a chance the case is winnable.

STANLEY - Yes. Absolutely. That said though, I'm not gonna lie. It's gonna be an uphill battle.

CASSANDRA - I love uphill battles. More challenging.

Stanley looks at her as if to say she must be crazy

STANLEY - Better you than me. But in order to make things easier, we're gonna have to play the spin game.

Outside in the lobby, Debbie leans up against the wall & perks her ears at the sounds emitting from Stanley's office


STANLEY - We're gonna have to show that he was an unfit father due to his military commitment.

CASSANDRA (Sarcastic) - Yeah. That's gonna go real well with his family.


SCENE THREE - Cedarville Memorial Hospital

When we last left the hospital, Stephanie had identified to herself that the mysterious person in the ER being treated by her Gynecologist as being her best friend Trish Martin. as we pick up the action now, she is on her cell phone in an attempt to call Michael who, unbeknownst to her, is at the police station with his cell phone turned off.

STEPHANIE (To herself with her cell phone up her ear as she hears Michael's phone ringing) - C'mon Michael pick up

After several more seconds of waiting, she hangs up

STEPHANIE (Dialing another number on her phone) - Oh well. My name and number are on his caller ID. He'll call back - I hope.

Meanwhile at the Cedarville Police Station, Trish's boyfriend Michael Carlotti has just arrived. As we pick up the scene now, he has just told them he hadn't seen Trish either, which is news that just adds fuel to the fire of suspicion that David has had all along about something terrible either has happened or is happening to Trish while and as just helplessly sits at his desk.

DAVID - You haven't seen Trish either?

MICHAEL (Surprised) - What do you mean by the word either

MARCIE (Trying to downplay the whole thing as being insignificant, but failing miserably in the process) - Nevermind....

MICHAEL (Sensing that Marcie is trying to hide something) - No....No....No. If you guys know something, I wanna know about it.

After a few more minutes of David & Marcie trying to explain themselves (And confusing Michael in the process), a phone call comes into Marcie's desk. On the other end of the line is Stephanie from the hospital.

MARCIE (Answering the phone) - Detective Grant

STEPHANIE (Via her phone from) - Hi Marcie, it's me.

MARCIE (Pleasantly surprised to hear from Stephanie, but also wondering why Stephanie is calling her at work too) - Hi Stephanie, what's up?

STEPHANIE (Not sure just how to break the news) - Well....I'm not sure how to say this, so I suppose I should just come right out with it.....

MARCIE (Getting suspicious) - Come right out with WHAT? Stephanie, what's going on?

David's ears begin to perk up at the intensity of Marcie's phone conversation with Stephanie. Michael looks over with interest too, thinking it may have something to do with Trish

STEPHANIE (Breaking the news) - Okay, it's like this. I'm here at Memorial and....I think I just spotted Trish on a stretcher in the ER.

MARCIE (Reeling from the news) - What? ARE YOU SURE?

STEPHANIE - Yes. I'm not sure what's going on or who else to call. Is Michael there?

MARCIE (Still reeling from the news) - Yeah he is. Have you been able to speak to Trish?

STEPHANIE - No. They're still treating her. I didn't know who else to call.

MARCIE - No. You did the right thing by calling us. Listen, we're on our way there now. Incidentally, how did YOU come across this?

STEPHANIE (Trying to sound convincing) - Just by luck.

MARCIE (Not totally convinced at Stephanie's explaination). Yeah....Okay. Listen, we're on our way now.

STEPHANIE - Okay. See you later. Bye.

Stephanie waits for Marcie to hang up her phone before closing her cell phone. After she does so, she reopens it. This time it's to call Brad & Stacy. Meanwhile back at the police station, David & Marcie are both seen leaving with Michael. The Captain meanwhile just looks on as they depart the squad room, hoping that David & Marcie don't do anything stupid.

SCENE FOUR - Thomas Monroe's Hotel Room - FonDuLac Hotel

Thomas Monroe has just been accused by his own daughter (Michelle Monroe) of possibly coming to Cedarville under false pretenses which Michelle fears isn't in her best interests. As we pick up the scene now, Thomas is still reeling from the assumption just as Rob strolls in.

THOMAS (With a look of surprise on his face) - Sweetie, what on earth would make you assume such a thing?

MICHELLE (Making an argument, quoting words Thomas didn't say) - You said it yourself. You're an opportunist.

THOMAS (Correcting Michelle on her argument) - No sweetie. You were the one who said THAT
MICHELLE (Now trying to render it irrelevent anyway) - Well whatever. I just....I just don't.....I just have.....I just have to wonder if you aren't somehow here with an ulterior motive in mind.

THOMAS (Trying to put an end to Michelle's suspicions once and for all) - Sweetie, I have no ulterior or motives or hidden agendas. All I want to do is attend the convention and spend some time with you. Now, if that's too much to ask, then I can simply check into another hotel and come here only for the convention.

MICHELLE - No....No....No. You don't have to do that. I just (Trying to come up with the right words) don't wanna feel like I'm somehow being taken advantage of.

Rob clears his throat in order to get Thomas & Michelle's attention as Thomas gives Michelle a hug to reassure her he has no plans of destroying what she has built for herself.

ROB (To both Thomas & Michelle in announcement form) - Umm....Excuse me, but the convention is about to start.

MICHELLE (To Rob as Thomas turns around) - Thanks Babe. By the way, I don't believe the two of you have met. Rob, meet Daddy. Daddy, meet my boyfriend - And sweet lover - Rob.

Thomas walks over to shake Rob's hand as Rob gleefully offers it

THOMAS (While shaking Rob's hand and somewhat smiling) - Michelle speaks highly of you. Pleased to meet you.

ROB (Blushing, somewhat laughing & trying to downplay the whole thing) - Heh...Well....Pleased to meet you too. As for speaking of you, I'm afraid she didn't mention a thing.

MICHELLE (Sensing her cue to leave so Rob & Thomas can have a man-to-man talk) - Umm....I think I'll tend to our guests. I'll see the both of you later.

Michelle winks blows a kiss at Rob and blows another daughter-like kiss at Thomas as she leaves

SCENE FIVE - Cedarville Memorial Hospital & Stacy's House

Our beloved Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton, who was acting on her nose for news, has just told Marcie that she thinks she's spotted Trish in the ER, unbeknownst that David & Marcie think she might have been the victim of a kidnapping stemming from the her prescence at the convienence store which was robbed the night before. As we pick up the scene now, she's attempting to reach Brad. She tried his apartment, but not too surprisingly, she wasn't able to reach him there, so now she's dialing Stacy's number in the offshoot chance he'll be there instead.

BRAD (Complimenting Stacy on the breakfast he just finished eating and smiles as he pats his now-stuffed stomach) - Boy, you sure know how to cook.

STACY (Blushing and trying to downplay her talents) - Aww.....

The phone rings. Stacy goes to answer it.

STACY (answering the phone) - Hello...

STEPHANIE (From the hospital with a sense of urgency) - Stace, it's me Steph. Is Brad there?

STACY (Detecting Stephanie's sense of urgency) - Yeah he is. Why?

STEPHANIE - Can you put him on for me?

STACY (Mystified by the urgency of Stephanie's request) - Sure.

Stacy returns to the table where Brad is sitting.

STACY - It's for you.

BRAD (Thinking it's just Michelle calling from the hotel) - Probably just Michelle. You know how she is.

STACY - I'm afraid it isn't.

Brad now gets suspicious.

BRAD - Well, who else could it be?

STACY - It's Stephanie. She sounded kinda urgent.

BRAD (Mystified) - Alright.

Brad walks over to the phone and picks up the receiver.

BRAD (To Stephanie on the phone) - Hey Steph. What's up?

STEPHANIE - Brad....I don't know how to tell you this.....

BRAD - Tell me what?

STEPHANIE - Unless I'm missing something here or am mistaken, I think I just spotted Trish on a stretcher here in the ER at Memorial.

BRAD (Thinking Stephanie's simply mistaken and there's really nothing to worry about) - Well maybe you're just simply mistaken.

STEPHANIE (Not thinking she is) - Something tells me I'm not. I called Marcie a few minutes ago and she's on her way here as I speak along with David & Michael.

BRAD (Now really mystified and realizing the magnitude of the situation) - MICHAEL???

STEPHANIE - Yeah. Look Brad, I don't know how serious this is or what's all happened, but I think you'd better get over here.

BRAD (Now desperately trying to figure out what to do since he knows Michelle is expecting him at the hotel soon) - Alright. I.....I.....I'll....Be over there as soon as I can. Did you say the ER at Memorial?

Stephanie confirms the location

BRAD - Alright. I'll see you when I get there. Bye.

STEPHANIE - Okay Brad. Bye.

Brad hears Stephanie hang up her phone and then hangs up the phone himself

Stephanie hears Brad hang up the phone at Stacy's house and then closes her cell phone. Meanwhile back at Stacy's house, Brad gets a sickening feeling that something is indeed wrong.

STACY (Wondering what Stephanie wanted) - What'd Steph want?

BRAD (Letting his sick feeling show and reeling from the news he just received) - Trish is in the hospital.

STACY (Detecting Brad sick feeling) - WHAT? No way.

BRAD (Trying unsuccessfully to find another way to put it) - Way. According to her, she's in the ER on a stretcher.

STACY (Now feeling the effects of the news herself) - Did Stephanie say how bad Trish's condition was?

BRAD - No. She just said she thinks she spotted her in the ER.

STACY (Trying to brush off the news as being a simple mistake) - She has to be mistaken.

BRAD - Apparently not. She called Marcie and she said that she along with David & Michael were on their way to the hospital as we spoke.

Brad now realizes he's gonna have to do something

BRAD - Look, I'm headed over to the hospital now. Can you call Michelle at the hotel and tell her what's going on? She's expecting me to be there for the convention and I don't want her wondering where I am.

STACY - No. We're going to the hospital together. If Trish is in the hospital, she needs as many of her friends at her side as possible. Afterall, she was at my side when I needed someone as a result of my mourning Leo dieath. We'll call Michelle while en route.

Stacy runs off to grab her purse and other things she normally takes with her when she leaves the house

BRAD (Mainly to himself, but still within earshot of Stacy) - Sure. Works for me.

SCENE SIX - Cedarville High School Student Parking Lot

When we last left this scene, Aruba's girlfriend Ashleigh and a few of his friends have just shown up in an effort to stick up for Aruba. As we pick up the scene now, the bullies start turning their attention to Ashleigh.

BULLY #4 (Strutting towards Ashleigh in a macho-like manner in an attempt to impress her) - Well....Well....Well. Look what we have here....

The other bullies in the group start flirting with her as Bully #4 starts caressing her

BULLY #4 (Continuing as he caresses her) - My, you're so beautiful. Sexy too. Wanna go out sometime?

The other bullies in the group laugh as they can see Aruba's building fury. Meanwhile in response, Ashleigh rudely brushes Bully #4 off.

ARUBA (Releasing his fury) - YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS.

BULLY #4 (Sarcastic & with a Michael Chicklis-like smile as he returns to standing toe-to-toe with Aruba) - Ohh yeah sssuuuurrreee. Just as soon as you move that bomb of yours away from my CLASSIC car.

ARUBA - I tell you there's NOTHING in my car that even resembles a bomb.

BULLY #4 - And I tell YOU that your girlfriend here has an awfully nice figure.....

Bully #4 forces himself onto Ashleigh and wildly makes out with her as the crowd cheers on. In response, Ashleigh kicks Bully #4 in the stomach and then grabs him and tosses him over her shoulder in a judo-like fashion, causing him to land on the ground as he's still trying to recover his breath. She turns to the rest of the group, but they just simply fall silent as staff starts to approach the scene.

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM


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Monday, January 23, 2006

Episode 26 - The Arrival Of Michelle's Father

Due to the sensitive nature of parts of this episode, this episode may not be suitable for some readers. As such, reader discretion is advised

Due to the sensitive nature of this episode, this episode may not be suitable for some readers. As such, reader discretion is advised.

SCENE ONE - The Law Offices Of Stanley A. Finch

As we open up this episode, the kniving Cassandra Whitmore has just received a call from her new attorney Stanley Finch asking her to come into his office. As we pick up the scene now, we see her approaching the door to Stanley's office. She is carrying little Christopher with her.

CASSANDRA (Confirming to herself that she has the right office suite) - Yep this is it.

Cassandra walks in only to find that his receptionist isn't at her desk. Given this, she decides to approach the door to Stanley's office. As she does, she hears what appears to be Debbie Stevens, whom he had spent the night with, trying to hit on him. Wanting to know what's going on, she barges into Stanley's office.

CASSANDRA (As she enters the room) - What the hell is going on here? (To Debbie) - What are YOU doing here?

STANLEY (Trying to explain himself) - I was just trying to tell that I had some work to do and that I had a client coming in.

CASSANDRA (Unimpressed and hardly fooled with Stanley's explaination, though looking more at Debbie with her suspicious eyes than at Stanley) - I can see.

STANLEY (Wondering how Cassandra got passed his receptionist) - Where's my receptionist?

CASSANDRA (Still staring at Debbie with her suspicious eyes as she answers Stanley's question) - Dunno. Wasn't there I arrived. (Now walking toward Debbie) - Maybe the tramp here PAID her to take an early coffee break.

DEBBIE (Having just about enough of Cassandra's looks and overall attitude while obviously sporting one of her own and not afraid to show it off either) - I'm not a tramp, which is which is A LOT considering what I can say about you. (Now noticing Christopher's prescence in the room as she reaches to-toe-toe range of Cassandra) - Ohh wait a minute. Not only are you a fuckin' tramp, you're a fuckin' babymaking slut as well. How's the little babymaking factory of yours these days? Business still good?

Cassandra puts Christopher down on the floor and prepares to take a swing a Debbie

DEBBIE (Putting her hands on her hips & shaking them from right to left in a pompant, arrogant manner, daring Cassandra to take a swing at her while Cassandra's fury continues to build) - Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but that IS your son, right? And Leo McFadden IS his father, right? Tell me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that's what you're here to see Stanley for, right?

STANLEY (Attempting to break the ladies up) - ALRIGHT LADIES. Now I don't know what sort of past the two of you share, nor right now do I even care. But whatever it is, it won't be carried out here. So, why don't we just forget this all happened.

Cassandra and Debbie don't even hear Stanley and just look at each other as they mimmick each other's "Bring It" facial expressions and body movements, still standing toe-to-toe as well.

STANLEY (Trying to wedge himself between the two of them to get Debbie's attention) - I'll talk to you later sweetie?

Debbie doesn't answer. Instead she just slowly - Very slowly - Backs away from Cassandra, still staring at her with her "Bring it" face and mimmicking her head movements as Cassandra does the same while standing still. Debbie ultimately exits - Walking backwards as she does. Stanley then turns to Cassandra, wondering just what he saw and just what, if any, impact, their grudge will have on her case.

SCENE TWO - Cedarville Memorial Hospital

Trish is laying on a stretcher in the ER and is frantically if not hysterically crying as she shows reaction to the physical trauma she sustained as the staff tries to figure out what happened to her. As we pick up the scene, she's laying on the stretcher in an almost near-fetal position

TRISH (Crying) - Get them out of me

FEMALE EMT #1 (Noticing the others are just as perplexed as she is) - We don't understand. Get what out of you?


FEMALE EMT #2 - Who's the them you keep referring to?

TRISH (Thinking these must be a bunch of clueless idiots, but not realizing they are just simply doing their jobs) - The monsters who RAPED me bitch! Who else could I be talking about?

FEMALE EMT #2 (Apologetic, but also trying to explain proceedure) - We're sorry, okay? But unless you tell us these things, we don't know for sure. That's why we ask, okay?

TRISH (Crying and not really caring for the EMT's reason given above) - Whatever. JUST GET 'EM OUT OF ME!!!!

FEMALE EMT #3 - Okay, we'll get started as soon as we can. We just need to call in another doctor. A specialist for your case.

FEMALE EMT #3 instructs one of the nurses to call the Gynecologist on-call and have that person report to the ER stat.

FEMALE EMT #1 (With rape kit in hand) - In the meantime Ms. Martin, we need to take some samples for the lab and the police.

TRISH (Horrified at the thought of dealing with them) - Ohh please don't bring them into this.

FEMALE EMT #1 (Apologetic yet simply pointing out a fact) -I'm sorry ma'am, but the law requires it.

Trish just cries softly. Meanwhile the three EMTs prepare themselves and get the neccessary equipment setup for the sample taking and are now ready to prepare their patient


SCENE THREE - Office of Dr. Holly Madison, OB/GYN

Channel 4 Action News Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton has just gone in for a checkup to see what is causing her stomach pains which she's had in the mornings for the last few days. As we pick up the scene now, we see her and her gynecolegist Dr. Holly Madison in an examination room. Stephanie has just explained to her where she's feeling the pain, how bad it is, etc. Holly is now explaining how she plans to address the issues Stephanie could be facing and laying out her options.

DR. MADISON - Now what I plan to do is administer a battery of tests, okay.


DR. MADISON - Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

STEPHANIE (Thinking that Dr. Madison has no idea how RELIEVED she would be) - Ohh that would be sssssooooooooo WONDERFUL.

Just then, one of the office nurses peeks her head inside

NURSE - Dr. Madison, you have a call from the ER.

DR. MADISON - Thank you. I'll take it in the other room. (In a near-whispering fashion as she approaches the door in preparation to leave the room) - Meanwhile, call the lab and have a pregnancy test sent over.

NURSE - Yes doctor.

DR. MADISON (Being honest, yet not wanting to get Stephanie's hopes up or throw her into a panic as she doesn't know Stephanie's social life beyond what she needs to know to treat her) - I'm having a pregnancy test sent over.

STEPHANIE (A little mystified, yet realizing that Holly is just covering all the bases, starting with what could be the most obvious) - Okay...

DR. MADISON - Hopefully that's all it is. If so, then you've got a little bun in the oven. If it isn't, we're gonna have to take some more extreme measures. Either way, I gotta take this call. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Dr. Madison exits before Stephanie can get a word in edgewise. Meanwhile Stephanie thinks she smells news and decides to do a little snooping. As Dr. Madison enters the room next to her, Stephanie puts her head to the wall, making sure to face the door in case someone walks in. Stephanie can hear Dr. Madison talking on a telephone in the room

DR. MADISON (To the ER Staff member on the phone as Stephanie listens in from the adjacent exam room she's in) - This is Dr. Madison....Yes.....Really?......How long ago?.....Are you sure she's a possible rape victim?....Have you started a rape kit?.....Okay, I'll be over there in a few minutes.......I've got a patient right now.....As soon as I discharge her, I'll be over there.....Thank you.

The call ends and Stephanie returns to the exam table as though she did nothing since Dr. Madison left. Just then, the nurse walks in and tells Stephanie that it'll take a few minutes for the test to arrive, but that it will be administered once it does. Meanwhile Stephanie, who is torn between finding out who was raped and what the potential story could be and waiting to deal with her own medical issues. Stephanie decides to wait, figuring that in all likelihood that since the patient is in the ER, they'll be moving at a near-snail's pace anyway.A minute later, she hears Dr. Madison talking to one of the nurses telling her that Stephanie can go once she's taken the pregnancy test. The nurse then walks into the examination room where Stephanie is and tells her she can leave as soon as she takes the pregnancy test as per instructed by Dr. Madison.

SCENE FOUR - Stacy's House

Brad & Stacy are enjoying their breakfast. Michelle, having already had breakfast, is enjoying a cup of coffee. As we pick up the scene, the doorbell has rung. Stacy goes to answer it and finds Michael standing on the other side.

STACY (A little, but pleasantly, surprised) - Michael.

MICAHEL (Dry & serious) - Can I come in?

STACY (Opening the door to let him in) - Ohh of course. Where are my manners?

Michael steps inside.

STACY (Continuing) - Can I get you anything? A cup of coffee perhaps?

MICHAEL - No, but you can get me Trish if she's here.

STACY (Wondering what Michael is talking about and knowing she hasn't seen Trish all morning and has the surprised to show for it) - I haven't seen or spoken to her all morning.

MICHELLE (Overhearing the conversation) - You mean she never came home last night?

Brad walks into the living room just as Michelle spoke and now has a disturbed look on his face unaware of the fact that Michael was at the Fon Du Lac till closing the night before

MICHAEL (Somewhat surprised at Michelle's prescence, but nonetheless continuing) - No. Her bed doesn't even look slept in or anything.

MICHELLE (Now with a worried look on her face) - Boy that is worrysome.

BRAD (Confused & wanting to know what's going on) - Wait....Wait....Wait. Would either of you two care to tell me what's going on here?

MICHAEL (Frankfully & sighing as he begins) - I was at the Fon Du Lac from about a little after 7:00 PM till closing last night. I had a date with Trish. For some strange, inexplicable reason, she never showed up. In fact, this morning, I woke up only to discover that her side of the bed didn't even look slept in.

BRAD (Still confused) - So?

MICHAEL (Thinking that Trish's own brother must be DENSE or something) SO?? Something's wrong. That's gotta be it. But what?

STACY (Trying to be calm and thinking there must be some rationale reason as to why her best friend would even consider doing such a thing to Michael) - Well okay, but what sort of proof do you have?

MICHAEL (Pulling out from his leather jacket pocket the note he found atop the fireplace earlier) - This note.

Brad, Stacy & Michelle each read the note as they pass it on to each other after reading it themselves.

MICHAEL (Continuing) - I went to that store before coming over here. It's a crime scene.

STACY (Trying to keep calm and trying to rationalize the situation) - Well maybe it became a crime scene before Trish even got there.

MICHAEL (Thinking Stacy must REALLY be dense) - Stace....If that were the case, don't you think Trish would be safe & sound by now?

MICHELLE (Getting one of her infamously accurate really bad feelings on the whole situation and is about to hit the proverbial panic button) - Well either way, this is REALLY troublesome guys. I've got a really bad feeling about this. And Stace, you know me well enough to know that when I get one of those, I'm usually right about these things.

STACY - All I'm saying is let's not hit the proverbial panic button here. Let's just wait till we know more.

BRAD - Well Stace, if Trish is in some kind of trouble, we need to help her. Only question is HOW???

STACY - I don't know.

MICHAEL - Well I DO know. And since she's obviously not here, I'm going to the one place where she can go to get help - The police station.

STACY - Sure you won't stay for a cup of coffee?

MICHAEL - I'm sure. Thanks.

STACY - Okay.

Stacy opens the front door and Michael exits.

SCENE FIVE - Cedarville High School Student Parking Lot

Aruba Al Faheed has just pulled into the student parking lot of Cedarville High School and parked his car. As we pick up the scene now, he is on his way into the school when he is approached by a gang of students who have bullied him in the past.

BULLY #1 - Hey! Just where do you think YOU are going towelhead?

ARUBA (Wanting to avoid another confrontation) - Inside to go to class. Excuse me.

BULLY #1 - Whoa man! You ain't leavin' this bomb in [i]OUR[/i] parking lot. This is for the student body to park [b]WORKING[/b] cars. Cars with bombs don't qualify.

All the other members of the group express their shared sentiment.

BULLY #4 (Noticing his car next to Aruba's) - Hey! You parked this bomb next to [b]MY[/b] classic beauty. This is a '67 Ford Mustang Fastback. My father drove this when he was a teenager. In fact, he was a graduate of this school.

ARUBA (Trying to be reassuring) - There's no bomb in or otherwise attached to my car.

BULLY #4 (Adamant & shouting) - HOW DO I KNOW THAT?

ARUBA - Trust me. There's no bomb.

BULLY #4 (Sarcastically laughing and sticking his thumbs up like The Fonz from Happy Days) - Trust him he says. Look man, Move it before I start moving some of your body parts - NOW DUDE

Just then Ashleigh, Aruba's girlfriend approaches.

ASHLEIGH (Adamant & Demanding) - Leave him ALONE!!

Aruba turns to look at Ashleigh with an embarrassed look on his face. Meanwhile Bully #4 stands toe-to-toe with Aruba with his football player body build and clenches his fists. Another bully who's a member of the school's wrestling team, stands alongside Bully #4. Aruba brazenly remains unfazed by their muscular builds (Not to mention the very presence of his girlfriend Ashleigh), however the others are laughing and saying things like Look who's come to your rescue and the like as they taunt Aruba and start turning their attention towards Ashleigh. Just as they do, Juaquendo and a few of Aruba's "other" friends show up to help turn the tides in Aruba's favor.

SCENE SIX - Cedarville Memorial Hospital

Trish is still laying on a stretcher in the ER and is frantically if not hysterically crying as she shows reaction to the physical trauma she sustained. A few minutes earlier, the staff treating her indicated they needed to call in a specialist - Gynecologist Dr. Holly Madison. As we pick up the scene now, Dr. Madison has just been briefed about Trish's case and has just walked into the cubicle where Trish is.

DR. MADISON (As she's walking in, not realizing that she's walking in on one of her patients) - Ms. Martin...

TRISH (Recognizing Dr. Madison) - Dr. Madison....Ohh god....Please help.

DR. MADISON - We're doing everything we can, okay? Just bear with us.

Dr. Madison steps out momentarily to confer with the staff treating her to get a status report on the rape kit and several other things, including the arrival of detectives from the Cedarville PD. When she returns, she returns with several ER staff members, one of whom has the rape kit in hand. Dr. Madison directs the staff on what needs to be done and advises Trish to that effect. Trish does what she can to comply with the requests, but stresses how difficult some of them are hard to comply with.

TRISH (As one of the staff members is retrieving tissue samples from deep inside her womb) - This is so hard.

DR. MADISON - We're just about done.

Meanwhile, back at Dr. Madison's office, Channel 4 Action News Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton decides to follow her nose for news by heading on over to the ER. As we pick up this portion of the scene now, she is seen leaving the room and taking the pregnancy test she has just taken over to the nurse, who then takes the test from Stephanie and then discharges Stephanie, again as per instructed by Dr. Madison.

STEPHANIE (Talking to herself) - Okay, now to get to the ER....

Stephanie makes her way over to the hospital and enters through the main entrance. She meanders her way through the hospital until she reaches the Emergency Department, which obviously houses the ER. She then starts looking for what she thinks might be the story she's looking for. Just as she's about to give up, she notices a bunch of people around a patient. But before she can get any closer, someone approaches her

STAFF MEMBER (To Stephanie, thinking she may be in need of help) - Can I help you?

STEPHANIE (Not convinced the staff member can be of any help, but thankful anyway) - No thanks.

The staff member walks away. As they do, Stephanie grows more and more curious about the crowd of staff members and the patient they are around. One staff member is seen almost kneeling as he performs a procedure while the others are simply milling around the patient. Then all of a sudden, Stephanie sees the patient's face and is now petrified.

STEPHANIE (Recognizing the face as likely being that of Trish) - Ohh my god. That can't be Trish. It can't be.


Michelle is now back at the FonDuLac Hotel. As we pick up the scene now, she is in the Grand Ballroom with a bunch of her staff playing traffic cop as it were by directing people where to go, what to do, etc.

MICHELLE (Directing traffic) - Put this over there.....Put that over here....No...No.....Move that....That's it....No, don't touch that.

Just then her father walks in

THOMAS (Admiring his princess as he walks into the room, half-surprised to see her) - Well....Well....Well. If it isn't my darling princess...

Michelle suddenly turns around at the sound of her father's voice

MICHELLE (Very surprised to see him - And only mildly delighted at that - With a strange look on her face) - Daddy? What the hell are you doing here?

The camera snaps over to Thomas, who has a puzzled and perplexed look on his face that says That's a hell of a greeting. The camera then snaps back at Michelle who still has the same strange look on her face as above as the camera fades to black.


* Cassandra gets word on her case from Stanley. Could she be headed for court?

* Now that Michelle's father has made his Grand Entrance, why is Michelle NOT excited to see him?

* Stephanie gets the results from her pregnancy test. Could she be?

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM


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Monday, January 16, 2006

Episode 25 - Trish's Rescue

Due to the sensitive nature of parts of this episode, this episode may not be suitable for some readers. As such, reader discretion is advised

SCENE ONE - Alongside A Remote Highway

As we begin, we see Trish wandering as best as she can up a remote highway. A second later, two people, John & Martha Mahoney, spot Trish walking down the road alongside them. As we pick up the scene, Martha is trying to convince John to stop so they can pick up Trish.

MARTHA (Seeing Trish in the condition she's in) - Ohh honey...Let's stop and see if we can help this woman out. She looks like she can use it.

JOHN (In his usual New Jersey-style candor) - Are you kidding? She's a slut. Just look at her.

Just then, Martha notices what appears to be red spots on Trish's body.

MARTHA (Adamant) - Honey, she looks like she's been beaten to a pulp. I really think we should stop and help her out.

JOHN (Caving in even though he has no idea why he's even bothering) - Alright if you insist, though I have no idea WHY we're even doing this....

MARTHA (Fondly smiling) - Because after 35 years of marriage, I should know what you'll know by now.

John pulls the car over next to Trish as Martha gets Trish's attention

MARTHA (To Trish) - Can we offer you a ride?

TRISH (In response but also in denial and shame) - No. It's alright. Thank you.

MARTHA (Seeing the denial and shame) - I really think you should come with us.

JOHN - Honey....She said NO. What part of that word do you not understand?

Martha looks back at John and brushes him off.

MARTHA (Getting out of the car and opening the back door) - Here, you can have the back seat.

JOHN (Now pleading with his wife as Trish contemplates as to whether or not she wants to get in the car or not) - But honey

MARTHA (Fed up with John's pleading) - Ohh go blow it out your horn.

Just then, Trish sees the comfort Martha is trying to provide and realizes that she's in safe hands until she gets back to Cedarville. As such, she accepts the offer by getting in the back of the car. Back on the road again, Martha tries talking to Trish to get her to tell how she ended up alongside a road in the condition she's in.

MARTHA (To Trish) - Sweetie...What's your name?

Trish (Not wanting to reveal her real identity to a pair of complete strangers and still in shame for what happened to her) - Jane.

MARTHA - What happened to you?

JOHN (Before "Jane" can answer and in frustration over Martha's sudden obsession with their now equally-sudden back seat passenger and thinking that she should mind her own business) - Martha, what's with all the 20 questions? I think we have a fairly good idea what "happened" to her. Don't you think?

MARTHA - Not in the least. And if you had any sense at all, you wouldn't either.

Martha turns back to face Trish

MARTHA (Continuing) - Something happened to her. Question is WHAT?

JOHN - Well whatever IT is, it's no doubt NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

Martha smirks in John's direction and sighs as Trish shyfully looks on in shame


SCENE TWO - Greg & Stephanie's House

Greg & Stephanie are seen in the bedroom of their house. As we pick up the scene, Stephanie awakens to a mysterious pain in her belly that's been bothering her for the last several days, but only in the mornings.

STEPHANIE (Grunting and groaning and semi-mumbling as she tosses and turns in bed) - Ugh....uhh....ehh...ohhh....

GREG (Laying in bed next to her and distubed by what he's seeing and hearing) - Steph? You okay sweetie?

Stephanie grunts and groans a few more times and then....

STEPHANIE (Yelling and now sitting up in bed awake, albeit barely, and doubled-over, and groping her belly) - OWWWWW!!

This sudden move scares Greg and has him concerned about Stephanie's well being. Meanwhile Stephanie is still reeling from the big throng of pain and is feeling like she had been hit by a mack truck

STEPHANIE (Still in a daze, half asleep, and looks over at Greg as if he was just a witness of a traffic accident she was just in) - You didn't happen to catch the license plate number of the mack truck that just hit me, did you?

GREG (Perplexed & puzzled) - Steph - What are you talking about?

Stephanie begins to snap herself to reality and wake up and realizes that it just felt as though she were hit by a mack truck

STEPHANIE (Starting to gather her wits & wake up) - Ohh... What time is it?

GREG (With a smile, knowing that everything is now okay) - It's time [Long pause] to get up.

STEPHANIE (Sarcastically and non-chalantly as she drops her head back down onto her pillow) - Ohh...Is that all?? Wake me up when the world comes to an end.

GREG - Honey, you really should see the doctor about this. She just might be able to figure out what it is and prescribe something for it.

STEPHANIE (Not in the mood for a fight with Greg over the matter) - Greg, please don't get me started. I'm not in the mood right now.

GREG - All I'm saying is that it wouldn't hurt to see the doctor on the matter. That's all.

STEPHANIE - I'll schedule an appointment.

GREG - You keep saying it, but you don't do it. C'mon, if you don't do it me, then do it for yourself - PLEASE???

STEPHANIE (Rising up in bed in anger & frustration and looking at Greg) - Ohh...ALRIGHT. I'll WALK IN and see her. Satisfied now?

GREG - For now, yes.

STEPHANIE - Great. Now can I rest a little longer to gather my wits before I start my day? (Putting the tips of her fingers to her forehead) - My head is still spinning and feels like it's on a fuckin' swivel.

SCENE THREE - Trish & Michael's House

Michael is seen waking up from a restful night's sleep after his "date" the previous evening. But as he wakes up, he is surprised to see that it looks as though Trish never came home and, as we now pick up the scene is left wondering what could've kept her out all night.

MICHAEL (To himself and now getting worried) - Her pillow doesn't even look slept on. What could've possibly kept her out ALL NIGHT?? (Shaking his head) - I don't get it.

He gets up & starts looking all over the house.

MICHAEL (Continuing as he enters the living room) - Yo Trish, you in here?

After noticing Trish is not in the living room, he heads for the kitchen

MICHAEL (Now frustrated, but still in his Philadelphia-style Italian sense of humor, thinking Trish is playing some game) - C'mon babe. This isn't fair. If you don't come out of hiding, I'm gonna find you. When I do, I'm gonna hug you and kiss you. (Jokingly) Then I'll ground you for life.

He walks into the kitchen, but doesn't see Trish

MICHAEL (Now giving up) - Okay babe, c'mon. Where....

He spots the note atop the fireplace

MICHAEL (Walking over to it) - What's this?

He picks it up and opens it

MICHAEL (Reading the note) - Gone to Mr. Gamble's. Will meet you at the restaurant at 7:30. Love, Trish

MICHAEL (Staring and the note and thinking aloud) - This was last night.

He folds the note back up

MICHAEL (Downplaying the significance of the note somewhat) - Ohh well. She's grown kinda fond of the ol' geezer. Maybe I'll go see him. Maybe he's seen her.

Michael goes back into the bedroom to get dressed, making certain to take the note with him

Meanwhile at David & Marcie's house....

Marcie strolls her way into the kitchen, where we see David, who has just spent much of the night watching TV and drinking coffee. As we pick up the scene now, Marcie strolls into the kitchen just as David is pouring himself YET ANOTHER cup of coffee.

MARCIE (Still half asleep and in her night gown as she mumbles to David) - Mornin'

DAVID (Pouring a cup of coffee and non-chalant) - Mornin'

MARCIE (Seeing the coffee) - Good. I need a fuckin' OCEAN of Starbucks today.

DAVID - I couldn't sleep a wink.

MARCIE - Yeah. I noticed.

DAVID - Too worried about Trish. She's out there. And the worst part of it all is we can't find her. And even if we could, we the Captain wouldn't let us within 10 feet of the case. THAT is what has me riled up.

MARCIE - Honey, I'd just assume not talk about that right now. Mind if I have some breakfast first?

DAVID - Go ahead. I don't see anyone stopping you. In the meantime, I think I'll turn on the morning news. Maybe there's something on there about it.

MARCIE - Alright.

Marcie grabs a coffee cup and walks over to the perculator, but notices that David took the last cup

MARCIE (Shouting to David in the living room out of anger and, predominately, frustration) - You HAD to take THE last cup, didn't you???

Marcie walks over to the cabinet where the coffee can is stored, slams it down on the counter and then takes the lid off in near-ripping fashion. She does the same thing to the coffee filters, taking out of those and later angrily inserting it into the coffee pot. Next, she non-chalantly scoops out some coffee and firmly puts it into the filter for perculation

SCENE FOUR - John & Martha's Car

John & Martha are enroute back to Cedarville with,unbeknownst to them, have picked up rape victim Trish Martin on the highway. As we pick up the scene, John & Martha are still arguing and are now trying to decide what to do with Trish.

JOHN - Look....All I'm saying is she could be a prostitute. Have you even considered that?

MARTHA - John...Have you even noticed the bruises on this woman's face?

JOHN - No because I'm too busy driving and getting us home alive and in one piece.

MARTHA - John, I think she's been raped.

JOHN - How do you know that?

MARTHA - I just do.

Trish begins to doze off to sleep

MARTHA (Noticing Trish's dozing off) - Poor thing looks like she didn't even sleep a wink last night.

JOHN - Not surprising. She probably partied all night in a wild sex party.

MARTHA - Ohh John... (To Trish, catching her in her last waking moment) - Sweetie, where would you like us to drop you off?

TRISH (Barely awake, but still able to speak) - Take me home. Please, just take me home.

Trish falls asleep, much to John's dismay, but not to his surprise

JOHN - Well....All I'm just saying is we don't know anything about this girl. And yet, you've got her in the back seat of our car. And now she's dozed off to sleep.

MARTHA - Well call it Women's Intuition.

JOHN - I prefer to call it STUPIDITY. How do we know she's not a fugitive or a terrorist or an axe murderer or something?

MARTHA - Ohh John....Does she look like someone who could kill anyone?

JOHN - I've seen psychos with nicer looks than hers.

As they travel further and further down the highway, they also get closer and closer to home. Before they know it, the Cedarville skyline can be seen off in the distance.

SCENE FIVE - The Al Faheed Family Residence

As we pick up the scene, Clarita & Khalil Al Faheed can be seen eating their breakfast. Khalil is also reading the newspaper.

CLARITA - Have you any plans today?

KHALIL - Yes. I have a very important meeting.

CLARITA - Ohh....With....Uhhh....What's his name....Michael?

KHALIL - Yes, the architect of the building my company is working on.

Just then, Aruba walks in and grabs a granola bar.

CLARITA (To Aruba) - Good Morning.

Aruba returns the greeting

KHALIL (Noticing that Aruba looks as though he's ready to walk out the door) - Aruba, aren't you going to sit down?

ARUBA - I have no time. Big day ahead.

CLARITA (Concerned about Aruba's apparent choice of malnourishment, not knowing he grabbed a granola bar) - No time for breakfast?

ARUBA - Yes. I've got some big tests today. Well...Gotta run. Later.

Aruba begins to leave.

KHALIL (Calm but firm) - ARUBA.

Aruba stops dead in his tracks upon hearing his name shouted out by Khalil

ARUBA (Not knowing what sort of trouble he got himself into) - Yes father?

KHALIL (Firm) - If there's tradition you will follow while under this roof, it is sitting down at the family table, enjoying the first meal of the day and discussing your plans for the day. I don't care what you have on your schedule. Do I make myself clear?

ARUBA - Yes father.

CLARITA - You're father's right, Aruba. When you walk into those classrooms to take those tests today, it's much better to show up properly nourished and ready to go than to go in there hungry and wishing you had eaten earlier. It's always better that way. I'll get you a bowl of cereal.

ARUBA (Resigned to the fact he's not going to be allowed to leave before he eats breakfast) - Alright, but I really don't have time, which is why I grabbed this granola bar.

KHALIL - Take it with you. You can leave the very second you finish your cereal.

Clarita returns with Aruba's cereal

KHALIL (To Clarita) - So, what plans do you have today?

ARUBA - Yeah Mom...

CLARITA - Ohh....Not much. My assistant and I will mostly be doing inventory to determine what's salvagable and what's not after the vandalism yesterday.

ARUBA - I wished some people here would just grow up and start treating us with more respect.

CLARITA - It's not us they hate. It's the people who claim to represent our best interests - but really don't - who just happen to be our brethren, that they hate.

ARUBA - I know. But between the people who always trash our front yard, the people who vandalized your store and the bullies at school, sometimes I wonder.

CLARITA (In near shock over Aruba's confession) - Aruba, are you being bullied?

ARUBA (Trying to show how much of a man he has become) - Mom, I can handle it.

CLARITA - Well still, you really should tell somebody at school. It's their job to deal with things like that.

KHALIL (Confirming what Clarita just said) - Your mother's right. You really should speak to someone at school. You should speak to your counselor.

ARUBA - Yesterday's incident got the attention of Mr. Beasley, the principal.

CLARITA - What did he say?

ARUBA - He said I should speak to my counselor.

KHALIL - That doesn't sound like a very bad idea.

SCENE SIX - Stacy's House

Brad & Stacy are seen playfully frolicking around in the kitchen. As we pick up the scene, Brad seems ready to pick up where he left off the night before while Stacy wants to eat breakfast first.

BRAD (Jokingly frustrated as Stacy moves about the kitchen, intentionally trying to evade him) - C'mon babe.

Brad finally catches up to her, hugs her body from behind, and begins necking her

STACY (Turning around) - C'mon Brad. Let me at least get breakfast down first.

BRAD (Humorously sarcastic) - You can have breakfast later.

STACY - Yeah well I'm not a hunk of a sex machine like you. Unlike you men, us women require nourishment.

BRAD - I wouldn't exactly call myself a sex machine. But I am INCREDIBLY horny.

STACY (Giggling) - That's obvious.

Just then, the doorbell rings

STACY (Wondering who it could be at her door since she's not expecting anyone) - Better get that...

Stacy heads for the door

BRAD - I'll get it.

STACY - No, that's okay. I've got it.

BRAD - Alright. I'll get breakfast then.

Brad gets out the pancake griddle, waffle maker and ingredients to make pancakes and waffles. Meanwhile Stacy answers the door and finds Michelle on the other side

STACY - Michelle. C'mon in.

MICHELLE - Thanks.

Stacy opens the door and Michelle walks inside

STACY - Can I get you anything?

MICHELLE - No...No thanks. I'm just here on a social call. You know....To take a break from the chaos that is my hotel right now.

STACY (Thinking how weird that sounds) - Ohh??

MICHELLE (Sighing non-chalantly) Yep! I've got 1200 people coming for some huge wildlife preservation convention. As such, as you can probably imagine, the preparations for it inside the place are chaotic to say the least.

Michelle's cell phone rings. She answers it as Stacy goes off to the kitchen to give Michelle some privacy and to check on breakfast

MICHELLE - Michelle here.....No I said 1200.....How many do we have?....700?....Ohh brother....Alright, alright....I'll call Brad and put him on it......Yeah, talk you later.

Michelle hangs up and flips her phone shut as she shakes her head in disbelief and puts her hands on her forehead and over her face as if she was experiencing a headache, but Brad, who overheard the conversation, doesn't pick up on this.

BRAD (To Michelle) - Put me on what?

MICHELLE (Disgusted & thinking Brad might've made a huge screw up) - You know who was just on the phone?

BRAD - Uhh....Well I think I have a fairly good idea.....

MICHELLE (Still showing her anger) - Well that was Rob. (Now wanting to determine if Brad indeed made a mistake) - Just how many of those customized plates did you order last week?

BRAD (Sensing Michelle's anger and wanting to set the record straight) - Well....To be on the safe side, I ordered 1500.

MICHELLE (Realizing Brad didn't make a mistake, but still nevertheless showing her anger) - Well, do you know how many of them showed up? Less than HALF OF THAT.

BRAD (Alarmed) - You're kidding.

MICHELLE (Calming down) - Heh...I wish I were. And here's the clincher - I have a confirmed head count of some 1200 strong coming. You know what THAT means Brad? It means that some 500+ people will be eating off plates which WE own.

BRAD (Wishing that something could be done) - Well there's nothing that can be done now.

MICHELLE (Trying to point out the significance of this disaster and its possible ramnifications) - Brad, you don't get it. Those people paid me to order those customized plates. WE DON'T OWN THEM. They do. And now they're gonna be some 500 short. That affects the hotel's bottom line. Not to mention our image.

BRAD (Trying to calm Michelle down) - Calm down. There's nothing we can do at this point. The convention is TODAY, like it or not. It's attendees are arriving TODAY, like it or not. So, like it or not Michelle, there's nothing we can do.

MICHELLE - Well either way, I need you to go into work and help Rob do damage control, though I haven't the foggiest clue how.

BRAD (Admitting this on a wing and a prayer) - Well I was kind of hoping you'd give me the day off.

MICHELLE (Floored & shocked at what she just heard) - Brad....Have you not been listening???

She begins fumbling for words before continuing

MICHELLE (Continuing, but still reeling from the bombshell Brad just dropped on her and in a panicky state of mind) - No....No.....No. No way Brad. I can't give you the day off. I've got 1200 people coming to the hotel for a convention which is already turning into a disaster. No...I'm sorry Brad.

BRAD (Resigned to the fact that he won't be getting the day off) - Okay...Okay. No need to have a cow over the matter.

MICHELLE (Apologetic) - I'm sorry Brad. Didn't mean to take it all out on you. But I am about to have a cow over the customized plates matter though. I mean HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY SCREW UP THE ORDER LIKE THAT??

Brad shrugs his shoulders. Meanwhile Stacy walks in wondering what could possibly be going on

STACY - What's going on here guys?

MICHELLE - It's nothin'. Just work stuff. Just got a bombshell dropped on me. By the way Brad, what you doing here?

BRAD - Spent the night here

Brad & Stacy wink and look at each other as Stacy pours the coffee for everyone..

SCENE SEVEN - John & Martha's Car

John, Martha & Trish are back in the Cedarville Metropolitan Area. As we pick up the scene, Trish is sleeping while John & Martha argue over where to drop her off.

MARTHA (Trying to be as quiet as possible so as to not wake Trish up) - John, she belongs in the hospital

JOHN (Also trying to be as quitet as possible so as to not wake Trish up, but is also tired of his wife driving him crazy as well) - Martha, she said she wants to go home

MARTHA - Well we don't know where that is so why don't we just drop her off at the hospital and let her get her own ride from there.

JOHN - Well why don't you just simply wake her and find out?

MARTHA (Stunned & shocked he would even make such a suggestion) - JOHN....

JOHN (Finally giving in to Martha in the hopes it'll shut her up) - Alright....Alright. We'll take her to the hospital. But if I catch heat for it from the ER staff, you won't hear the end of it.

Martha shakes her head. Meanwhile, a few minutes later, Cedarville Memorial Hospital is seen off in the distance. A few minutes after that, John pulls off the highway and heads for the ER area of the hospital and pulls in. Almost immediately, one of the ER staff members comes out with a stretcher.

JOHN (To the ER staff member) - We really don't need a stretcher. A wheelchair will suffice.

The staff member heads back in with the stretcher and returns with a wheelchair instead. John, Martha and the ER staff member all help a groggy Trish Martin transfer from the car to the wheelchair. They then escort her into the hospital.

EMT #1 (To John, jokingly) - What'd you manage to drag in this time John?

Other staff members chuckle at the joke. Meanwhile one of the female staff members visually examined

FEMALE EMT #1 (Forming an opinion of their new patient) - Ohh my god. This woman has been violated in every imaginable way possible.

One of the male EMT's takes a closer look at Trish and realizes the seriousness of the situation. As such, he to take the initiative to lead the charge of caring for Trish.

EMT #1 (Now barking out orders & taking charge) - Alright, let's get her on a stretcher and put her in an exam room. Which one is available.

FEMALE EMT #2 - Exam 5.

John & the hospital staff help Trish make the transition from the wheelchair to a waiting stretcher

EMT #1 (Continuing to bark out orders as he continues to take charge) - Alright, let's put her in Exam 5. (Pointing to an ER nurse) - You....Get a rape kit. We'll need one just in case. And get a photographer too while you're at it. The nurse acknowledges the request (Pointing to another ER nurse) - You....Call the police. Tell them we have a female assault victim. Possible rape. The nurse acknowledges the request. John....We're gonna need a statement from you and your wife.

JOHN - Don't worry, you'll have it.

John begins to feel guilty over the things he said about her without closely examining her while in the field

JOHN - My god....What that woman must be going through.

Meanwhile Trish begins to snap out of her sleepy state

TRISH (Confused) - Where am I? Where am I

FEMALE EMT #1 - You're in the hospital, Ma'am. What's your name? Can you tell me your name?

Trish gives the EMT her first name, but does so with great difficulty, which is brought by the shame and guilt she has for what happened to her.

FEMALE EMT #1 - Okay Trish, what's your last name? Can you tell me your last name?

Trish also manages to give the EMT her last name as well, but does so with great difficulty, which is brought by the shame and guilt she has for what happened to her.

FEMALE EMT #1 - Okay Ms. Martin, we're gonna take care of you, okay?

EMT #2 - Yes, we'll take good care of you.

The staff prepare and equip the room to treat Trish for any and all injuries she may have sustained. Meanwhile, one of the staff members speaks with John & his wife to find out what they know, which of course is nothing. The police have been called and a rape kit arrives from the lab

EMT #2 - Think we'll need it?

EMT #1 - I hope not. But just to cover all the bases, it's better that we do.

Suddenly Trish begins to scream out when she notices one of the male EMT's looking between her legs and poking around with his gloved fingers

TRISH (Screaming) - GET THEM OUT OF ME.....GET THEM OUT OF ME.....GET THEM OUT OF ME!!! Ohh god......

The male EMT jumps back and removes his fingers fearing that she was referring to his fingers, but Trish repeats the screams, which leads the staff to thinking she's referring to something else, but they can't figure out what. Meanwhile Trish just lays in the stretcher with her legs closed and crying

TRISH (Crying) - Ohh god. It's so awful.....

Staff members are now perplexed as to what she's talking about. As the scene closes, our virtual camera shows Trish crying as she lays in the stretcher with her legs still closed as the camera fades to black.


* The Al Faheeds are targets of more trouble. Could this be the thing they need to sit down with Stephanie?

* Stephanie complains of a series of morning sickness cases to her doctor. Could she be? Naah...Couldn't be. Could it?

* Cassandra gets word on her case from Stanley. Could she be headed for court?

* Michelle gets a surprise visitor to her hotel, but will it be a pleasant one?

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM
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